Installation Tips


  • Before the installation, make sure that surfaces are clean, dry and free of any loose particles.
  • With a 3/8″ trowel apply the approved adhesive (or base coat) to cover the backside of the detail.
  • For proper adhesion stick the detail immediately, while the adhesive is still wet. Some details may require a mechanical fastener to prevent sliding. When adhesive has completely dried up, prepare the surface for the finish coating by taking the screws out carefully or by putting the base coat over the screws.
  • When connecting two or more details use fiber mesh and base coat at the joint level.
  • For a smooth and leveled joint, sand the excess material from the details.


Trim Factory Inc. warrants that the architectural products manufactured and distributed by Trim Factory Inc. will be free from manufacturing defects when installed in accordance with guidelines and instructions, where indicated, and accordance to the customary and ordinary standards of the industry.

Trim Factory Inc. sole responsibility shall be for the replacement of the project only, when Trim Factory Inc. has determined that the product was defective as a result of manufacturing and not as a result of improper installation or handling. Trim Factory Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential damages that may arise from the use of any architectural product manufactured and distributed by Trim Factory Inc. Trim Factory Inc. does not assume responsibility for any defective product not manufactured or distributed by Trim Factory Inc. to which a Trim Factory product is made part of or attached.

Trim Factory Inc. Architectural EPS Products

This document is designed to provide the Architect, Owner, Designer, professional or Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) Contractor with requirements for the proper design, use and installation of (EIFS) Class PB manufactured EPS shapes and pre-coated EPS shapes in typical applications. It is intended as a general guide and presented in good faith. Trim Factory Inc. assumes no liability, expressed or implied, as to the architecture, engineering, or workmanship of any project. To make sure that you are using the latest most complete information please contact Trim Factory Inc.

Individual project design requirements may require special details or specifications, which the design professional should prepare.

1.0 Definitions

  • Base Coat: The layer consisting of one or more layers or reinforcing mesh fully embedded in the base coat material applied to the outer surfaces of EPS shapes.
  • Building Expansion Joint: A joint through the entire building structure designed to accommodate structural movement.
  • Contractor: The contractor that installs the Trim Factory Inc. shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes to approved substrate or EPS system.
  • Trim Factory Inc., who is the manufacturer of the EPS shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes.
  • Expansion Joint: A discontinue.
  • Insulation Board: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board or shape, which is affixed to the substrate or EIFS system.
  • Reinforcing Materials: Glass fiber mesh(es) used to reinforce the basecoat and provide impact resistance.
  • Substrate: The material to which EPS or pre-coated EPS shapes are affixed.
  • Sheathing: A substrate in sheet form.

2.0 System Descriptions

  • General: Trim Factory Inc. EPS shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes is an Exterior Insulated Finish System, Class PB, consisting of an adhesive, insulation board, base coat, with reinforcing mesh (es) mechanically or adhesively attached.
  • Methods of Installation
    1. Field Applied: The EPS shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes are applied to the substrate system in place.
    2. Panelized: The EPS shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes are shop applied to prefabricated wall panels.
  • Design Requirements
    • Acceptable Substrates for EPS shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes are:
      a. EIFS system basecoat
      b. Unglazed brick, cement plaster, concrete, masonry, and stucco
      c. Exterior grade gypsum sheathing meeting ASTM C 79 requirements for water resistant Type X core at the time of application of the EPS shape.
      d. Silicone treated gypsum core sheathing surfaced with inorganic fiberglass mats meeting ASTM C 1177
      e. Exterior fiber reinforced cement board and calcium silicate boards.
      f. APA Exterior or Exposure 1 rated Plywood, Grade C-D or better, nominal 13mm (1/2″), minimal 4 ply.
      g. APA Exposure 1 rated Oriented Strand Board (OSB), nominal 13mm (1/2″).
      h. Galvanized expanded metal lath 1.4 or 1.8 kg/m2(2.6 or 3.3lbs.yd2) installed over solid substrate.
    • Deflection of substrate system shall not exceed 1/240.
    • The slope of inclined surfaces shall not be less than 6:12.
    • The length of inclined surfaces shall not exceed 305mm (12″).
    • Expansion Joints
    • Design and location of expansion joints in the EPS shapes or pre- coated EPS shapes is the responsibility of the project designer and shall be noted on the project drawings. As a minimum, expansion joints shall be placed at the following locations:
      1. Where expansion joints occur in the substrate system.
      2. Where building expansion joints occur.
      3. Where prefabricated panels abut one another.
      4. At the floor lines in wood frame construction.
      5. Where the EIFS system abuts dissimilar materials.
      6. Where substrate changes.
      7. In continuous elevations at intervals exceeding 23m (75 ft.)
      8. Where significant structural movement occurs such as changes in roofline, building shapes or structural system.
    • Terminations
      • The EPS shapes or pre-coated EPS shapes shall be held back from adjoining materials a minimum of 19mm (3/4″) for sealant application.
      • Sealants
        • Shall be manufactured by other and approved by EIFS manager.

    3.0 Submittals

    1. Product Data
      1. The contractor shall submit to the owner/architect the manufacturer’s product sheets describing products that will be used on this project.
    2. Samples
      1. The contractor shall submit to the owner/architect two samples of the EPS shapes or pre-coated shapes to be used on the project. Samples shall be sufficient size to accurately represent each size and shape utility.

    4.0 Quality Assurance

    1. Qualifications
      1. System Manufacturer: Shall be Trim Factory Inc. All materials shall be purchased or sold by Trim Factory Inc. or it’s authorized distributor.
      2. Contractor: Shall be knowledgeable in proper installation of Trim Factory Inc. products and be experienced and competent in the installation of an EIFS system.
      3. Insulation Board: Trim Factory Inc. shall be capable of producing the expanded polystyrene in accordance with EIFS system manufacturer specifications.
    2. Regulatory Requirements
      1. The EPS shall be separated from the interior of the building by a minimum of 15-minute thermal barrier.
      2. The use and maximum thickness of EPS shall be in accordance with applicable building codes.
    3. Mock-up
      1. The contractor shall, before the project commences, provide the owner/architect with a mock-up for approval.
      2. The mock-up shall be of suitable size as required to accurately represent the products being installed, as well as each shape to be utilized on the project.
      3. The mock-up shall be prepared with the same shapes, tools, and equipment used by the contractor.
      4. The approved mock-up shall be available and maintained at the job site.

    5.0 Delivery, Storage, and Handling

    1. All Trim Factory Inc. materials shall be delivered to the job site in the original factory packaging, with labels intact, upon request.
    2. Upon arrival, materials shall be inspected for physical damage. Questionable materials shall not be used.
    3. Materials should be stored at the job site in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight, protected from extreme weather and other damage.

    6.0 Limited Materials Warranty

    1. Trim Factory Inc. shall provide a written, standard five – (5) year limited warranty against defective materials, upon written request. Trim Factory Inc. shall have no liability for the application of materials. Trim Factory Inc. shall make no other warranties, expressed or implied.

    7.0 Design Responsibility

    1. It is the responsibility of both the specifier and the purchaser to determine if the product is suitable for their intended use. The designer selected by the purchaser shall be responsible for all decisions pertaining to the design, detail, structural capacity, attachment details, shop drawings, and the like.

    8.0 Maintenance

    1. All Trim Factory Inc. products are designed to minimize maintenance. However, some cleaning may be required.
    2. Sealants and flashings should be inspected on a regular basis, and repairs made as necessary.

    9.0 Products

    1. All components of Trim Factory Inc. shall be obtained from Trim Factory Inc. or its’ authorized dealer.

    10.0 Materials

    1. Adhesives: Used to adhere the EPS to the substrate shall be compatible with substrate and EPS.
    2. Insulation Board: Expanded polystyrene meeting EIFS manufacturer specifications for insulation board.
    3. Base coat: Shall be compatible with the EPS insulation board and reinforcing mesh(es).
    4. Reinforcing Meshes: Shall be balanced open weave, glass fiber fabric treated for compatibility with other system materials and available in different minimum tensile strengths.

    11.0 Execution

    1. Prior to installation of Trim Factory Inc. EPS shapes or pre-coated shapes, the contractor shall ensure that the substrate:
      1. Is of a type listed in section 2.0 C 1
      2. Is flat within 6.4mm (1/4″) in a 1.2m (4 ft.) radius
      3. Is sound, dry, connections are tight, has no surface voids, projections, or other conditions that may interfere with the Trim Factory Inc. product installation.
      4. The contractor shall notify the General Contractor, Owner or Architect of all discrepancies.
      5. Prior to the installation of the Trim Factory Inc. Products, the Architect or General Contractor shall insure that all flashings and other waterproofing details have been completed, if such completion is required prior to the Trim Factory Inc. applications.

    12.0 Surface Preparation

    1. The substrate shall be prepared free of foreign materials such as oil, dust, dirt, form-release agents, efflorescence, paint, wax, water repellants, moisture repellants, moisture, frost, and any other materials that inhibit adhesion.

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