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Trim Factory is a Woman owned and operated Architectural Foam Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience!   We specialize in designing and creating a wide variety of unique architectural foam products.  Our architectural elements include:   Interior & Exterior Trims, 2D & 3D Props and Sculptures, Concrete Casting Moulds, Signage, and Stage Props.

With having a full staff of innovative design and support personnel, we are able to meet any and all of your special project demands.  Our Development Team has the ability to design and deliver to your client shop drawings and samples for specification approvals.  By combining our team’s fine sculpting techniques and exceptional finishing work, we are able to produce almost anything!

We take pride in each and every project, large and small.  Our focus is in satisfying the needs and requirements of our expanding customer base by providing exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.  We cater to a variety of industries, including:  Residential, Commercial, Production Companies, Signage Companies, and Trade Shows

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90 Fox Rd, Pilesgrove, NJ 08098

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